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the ARC is the Premier Worship Center and School for Christian leaders in the church and in the marketplace.  We believe the life of the Christian is a ministry that God desires to use to expand the Kingdom of God in the earth realm.

By the power of Holy Spirit, we are Equipping Leaders and Leading Dreamers. 

We are developing competent, resilient individuals able to Create, to Transform, and to Lead.

the ARC is comprised of 5 Development Centers; the Biblical Education Center,

the Leadership Development Center, the Entreprenurial Education Center, the Purpose Center,

and the Community Outreach Center.

the ARC is a member of the Jubilee Alliance Apostolic Network,

which is headed by ‚ÄčApostle Dr. Kluane Spake.

We invite you to join us at any or all of our virtual or in person gathering settings!
Please visit our About Us/Events page for upcoming events!