the ARC International Corporation a Georgia 501(c)(3) Educational Institution is comprised of 5 Development Centers; the Biblical Education Center, the Leadership Development Center, the Entreprenurial Education Center, the Purpose Center, and the Community Outreach Center.

Biblical Education Center
Certificate Programs, or  classes for Life Enrichment, the ARC is positioned to meet your need.  We are excited to offer classroom and online learning opportunities that will challenge you, and inspire you to grow.  Current schedule of events!

Entrepreneurial Education Center
Here at the ARC, we believe in Kingdom expansion by way of the Marketplace. We are here to provide insightful workshops and quarterly networking opportunities, all to enable you to establish a firm foundation and build healthy collaborations in your Marketplace endeavors. Current schedule of events!

Leadership Development Center
At the ARC, we understand that it's not so much about being a leader, as it is about leadership. Regardless of your role now, leadership development equips you to take on greater levels of responsibility, including the responsibility of leading others. 
Current schedule of events!

The Purpose Center
Everyone wants to find their purpose, their reason why. Here at the ARC, through a series of workshops, projects, mentoring and coaching sessions, and volunteer opportunities, we work with you to uncover and launch you into your God-given purpose. Current schedule of events!​

The Community Outreach Center
The ARC is fortunate to work with some wonderful non-profit organizations that are doing amazing work in our community. Perhaps you're interested in volunteering with the ARC or with one of our collaborating organizations? We're happy to help you get connected.

the ARC International Corporation